Blendi Lami


Dr. Blendi Lami is affiliated with European University of Tirana, Albania.


Geopolitics, Security, Turkish Foreign Policy, Middle Eastern studies

Recent publications

Lami B. (2017). Influence of Turkish Foreign Policy in Albania, 2002 - 2015. Tirana: UET Press.
Lami, B (2016). Determinants of Turkish Foreign Policy, Polis 14, Tirana: UET Press.
Lami, B. (2016). New Turkish Foreign Policy on Western Balkans, Illyrius. Roma: Sapienza University Press.
Lami, B. (2015). Strategy for energetic security. Albshkenca, Volume VI, Nr. 3.
Lami, B. (2015). Energetic security and national security. Approaches in the Western Balkans and Albania in particular. Military Journal. Academy of Defence of Albania.

2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2