Firat Yaldiz

Firat Yaldiz 



Dr. Firat Yaldiz is affiliated with the Kastamonu University as an associate professor at the Department of International Relations. 


International Law, International Migration (law, theory, institutions), Diaspora issues, Foreign Politics (and identity politics) in Central Asia 

Latest publications

Diaspora Politics of China and Chinese Population in Central Asia, 4th International Conference on China and Middle East, June, 20-22, 2018, Nevşehir-Turkiye.

The Need of Environmental Cooperation in Turkic World and The Role of Turkey, International Ecology Symposium, June, 19-23, 2018, Kastamonu-Turkiye.

Turkey and Kyrgyzstan Relations in the perspective of the theory of New Institutionalism, International Central Asia Symposium, April 17-20, 2018, Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.

Dede Korkut and Migration, Journal of Turkic World Studies, Ege University, Vol:15/2, 2015, p.149-158. 

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2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2