What is the Threat Perception of the Slovak Republic?
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Issue 10:1

Samuel Goda and Jaroslav Ušiak

What is the Threat Perception of the Slovak Republic?

Abstract: The main aim of this article is to outline how the understanding and perception of security threats and challenges has evolved since the Slovak Republic’s independence. The work reflects on the evolution of the security environment and emerging threats and challenges identified in the official documents of the Slovak Republic. It subsequently compares these results with the perceptions of national experts dealing with security issues. What we found in the official documents was mostly summaries (varying in quality and scope of analysis) of the various identified threats and challenges. As a result of our interviews with experts, and the subsequent comparison of these with the official documents, we are led to the conclusion that the official documents are not entirely in-line with the opinions of the experts. However, this mutual comparison also revealed that in many cases, the official documents do not reflect all potential threats and challenges. We emphasise that since challenges do exist, the failure of the official security documents to reflect certain threats and challenges could negatively affect the future security environment of the Slovak Republic.

Keywords: Security, Slovak Republic, Security Experts, Security Strategy, Threats, Challenges

2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2