Petra Roter

Petra Roter (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Petra Roter, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge), is associate professor of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, and a senior researcher at the Centre of International Relations at the same faculty.


Minority protection and ethno-national diversity management, human rights, international institutions (with a focus on international regimes), international norms, conflict management and post-conflict reconstruction.

Recent publications

Petra Roter. Russia and the Council of Europe: Participation a la carte. In: Lauri Mälksoo and Wolfgang Benedek, eds., Russia and the European Court of Human Rights: The Strasbourg Effect. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 26–56, forthcoming in 2018.
Petra Roter. Voting rights of minorities and the role of ethnicity in elections in the post-Yugoslav space. In: Helen Hardman and Brice Dickson, eds., Electoral rights in Europe: advances and challenges. Abingdon, New York: Routledge, pp. 69-91, 2017.
Zlatko Šabič, Ana Bojinović Fenko and Petra Roter. Small states and parliamentary diplomacy: Slovenia and the MediterraneanMediterranean Quarterly 27(4), 42-60, 2016.

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